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FamilY Life

God loves families and He wants families to be fruitful and to flourish in Him. With this in mind, Bartley’s Family Life Ministry seeks to equip, empower and encourage you to find joy, transformation and healing in your family. We believe that strong and loving God-centred families will result in communities and societies that will flourish and bring transformation.

Resource Guide for:

 Caregiving, Mental Health, Special Needs, Disabilities, Counselling >


As a church, we seek to build strong foundations for families, especially marriages. Bartley is blessed with spiritually mature couples who are able to mentor younger couples and share life's journey together. Through the Couple Mentoring program, younger couples not only understand more about each other but also learn to apply useful tools in building strong relationships. Couple Mentoring is open to both couples in courtship and married couples. For interested couples, please sign up at

I'm dating

In a serious dating relationship? We encourage you to join the Couple Mentoring Programme where a more experienced couple mentor will journey with you and encourage you.


As part of laying strong foundations for your relationship, we will match you with a married couple mentor to journey with the both of you. These couple mentors are spiritually mature couples from Bartley and they are certified Prepare Enrich Facilitators and trained by Bridging Hearts and the Marriage Mentoring Academy.

Getting Married
I'm getting

By God’s design, marriage is a sacred union of lifelong commitment between one man and one woman. We want to prepare you well to flourish in your marriage and glorify God through the marriage preparation course


This 5 session course is designed to help couples prepare well for a lifelong marriage centred in God. 

Besides the lessons, couples will be assigned marriage mentors who will walk them through the Prepare-Enrich Assessment. Couples will also be attached to Kingdom Jewels (Children Ministry) for 2 Sundays to learn how to interact and handle children.

Couples intending to be married by Bartley Christian Church are required to attend and complete this course 1 to 2 years before their marriage. For an overview and BCC's Wedding Policy, please click here.

Topics Covered:

  • A Biblical Perspective on Marriage

  • Communication & Conflict Resolution

  • Role Differentiation & Relation to In-Laws

  • Financial Management

  • Biblical Sexuality & The Sex Talk

  • Wedding Preparations

Dates for 2024 Run:

16 Mar Sat 3.00-8.00pm
23 Mar Sat 3.00-6.00pm
13 Apr Sat 3.00-6.00pm
20 Apr Sat 3.00-6.00pm
27 Apr Sat 3.00-8.00pm


Course will be conducted onsite at Bartley Christian Church

$180 per couple (members)

$250 per couple (non-members)

Limited to 10 Couples.
(BCC Members have priority)


  • Please email for availability; terms and conditions to use Bartley church as a venue for your wedding.


Bartley Members: Please read Bartley's Wedding Policy before submitting the Wedding Application Form to Submission should reach us at least 6 months prior to your wedding date. 

Non-Members: Please submit the Wedding Application Form to at least 3 months in advance and not earlier than 6 months for booking Bartley Christian Church as your wedding venue.

Thriving marriage

God desires every marriage to thrive and grow in Him. Having a more experience couple to journey with you and taking time to refresh your marriage is vital for your marriage to flourish.


As part of growing your marriage, we will match you with a marriage mentor to journey with the both of you. These marriage mentors are spiritually mature couples from Bartley and they are certified Prepare Enrich Facilitators and trained by Bridging Hearts and the Marriage Mentoring Academy.

Thriving Parents

God has called every parent to be like Christ and to thrive in their respective roles as father or mother. It may be challenging in what your child may face in this world, but in Christ, you can nurture, guide, support and inspire them.


Becoming a father or mother is a high calling from God and it is important to have strong foundations for parenting. This seminar seeks to prepare would-be or new parents in God-centred parenting.


Topics Covered:

1. What to Expect

2. Foundations for Parenting

3. God & Your Child

4. Parenting Together


Seminar Date


Conducted via zoom


Child dedication is a ceremony in which Christian parents make a commitment before the Lord to raise their child according to God's Word and God's ways. 


It is open to Bartley members with children from birth to 4 years old. Parents who wish to dedicate their child unto the Lord must attend a compulsory briefing. In addition, the pastors and Kingdom Jewels teachers will visit the family of the child to be dedicated.


Compulsory Briefing

Date: 28 August Wednesday 2024

Time: 8pm - 9pm


Child Dedication Service

Date: 6 October Sunday 2024,

Time: 2nd Service from 11am (rehearsal at 10:30am)

Venue: Main Auditorium

For the family
for the Family

Bartley dedicates each September to family life where there is a sermon series and workshops on families. To stay tune on September’s family life events, subscribe to the Family Life E-Resource.


Looking for courses, family events & information on being a God-centred family? Click here.

I need Support



RR is a ministry which supports & cares for those who are in separation or divorce. It uses the DivorceCare material over 13 sessions from April to November on the 2nd and 4th Saturdays of each month from 2:30pm to 5:30pm with a vacation break in the month of June. Topics in this support group include Road to Recovery, Anger, Grief and Depression, Single Living, Financial & Legal issues etc 

If you know of someone who has just been through or who is still in the midst of separation or divorce, do ask them to consider participating in the RR support group. Non-Bartley members and non-believers are welcome.

We also run the RR4K for kids 5-12 years old to help them walk through the divorce or separation of their parents. Both adult & kids DivorceCare contents are strategically coordinated to help single parents and their children find hope and healing. RR and RR4K run concurrently on the same day and time at Bartley Christian Church.



If things have been challenging in your family, may I encourage you to take the first step to share with someone you trust. You may also drop us a note here and we will have someone to listen and journey with you.


If you need counselling, Bartley have a team of lay counsellors who may assist you. To find out more, click here 

I need support
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