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A church without borders, a community without walls

God’s Mission:

Transforming Bartley into a multi-congregation missional church.

By God’s grace and provision in the year 2009, we completed a new church building without having to take a loan from the bank. We felt so blessed by God’s goodness and faithfulness when we soon discovered that the newly built Bartley MRT station is located right beside the church. At that time God was preparing us for something we would not have foreseen in our own wisdom. Shortly after we moved back into the new church building with the original four congregations: English, Chinese, Filipino and Indonesian, a Korean business man and his wife approached our leaders and shared that they planned to start a new Korean congregation and they had invited a new pastor to lead their congregation but they had no place to meet. They asked if Bartley could adopt their Korean congregation to meet in our church? Almost at the same time, a group of Nepali Christian leaders visited Bartley on a Sunday and requested to meet in our church too. A Telugu pastor reaching out to the Telugu construction workers living in a dormitory in nearby Kaki Bukit was looking for a church that was willing for him to bring the workers out from their dorm to meet and worship on a Saturday night, and through a chance meeting was introduced to our church.


In 2020, our Korean, Nepali and Telugu congregations will celebrate their 11th anniversary, all this happened by the grace and mercy of God’s love for the diaspora living and working here in Singapore. Bartley Christian Church is sent out to reach the diaspora here, so that God’s kingdom will continue to be populated by every tongue and nation as we move closer to Christ’s imminent return (Rev. 7:9-10). Come, Lord Jesus!  

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