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Membership FAQ



Q1: Is church membership important?

Church membership is an integral part of our Christian lives and should therefore not be taken lightly. It is a privilege and a commitment to be part of a community of local believers. And within such a local community, we share beliefs, values and vision, worship and disciple together, love and care for one another, and exercise our spiritual gifts to serve and evangelize. BCC is committed to care for all members and worshippers and to help them grow spiritually within the body life of the church. All members are also entrusted with the responsibility to participate in managing God’s resources within BCC to glorify Him.

There are also other benefits of being a member, e.g. preferential rates for courses, workshops, and rental of church premises for wedding, and church assistance in the conduct of funeral services.

Q2: How do I become a member of BCC?

Worshippers who are baptized in BCC, and baptized worshippers who are seeking to transfer their membership from another church to BCC, may become Associate or Full Members. The worshippers will have to attend membership classes, undergo baptism or membership acceptance and subscribe to BCC Articles of Faith and Practices, before they can become Associate or Full Members. Full Members are those who meet the qualifications or criteria - Singapore Citizen or Singapore Permanent Resident, and 18 years and above which are documented in BCC’s Constitution and Bye-laws.


Q3. What are the differences between Associate and Full membership?

Both Associate and Full Members can attend the AGM but only Full Members can vote at the AGM or by proxy. Only Full Members may take up a leadership role in any of the church committees/ministries and may be nominated for election as an Elder of the church.

Q4: Why is it important to regularly attend Annual General Meetings (AGMs)?

Both Associate and Full Members may attend the BCC AGM but only Full Members are allowed to vote at the AGM. Members, together with church leaders, have a responsibility for the good governance of BCC and the use of its resources for God’s work. The AGM is one important event for members to be updated on church plans, and for them to exercise their responsibilities and rights by electing godly Elders, examining the church’s budget and expenses, and asking questions and making suggestions. It is especially critical during times when the church has to make difficult decisions - typically on a major shift in direction or spending. As such, a member will have his/her Full membership suspended if he/she does not exercise this responsibility by failing to attend the AGM(or attend by proxy) for 3 consecutive years without any apology/reason.


Q5. Can I lose my Associate or Full membership, and what does it mean?

BCC Constitution and Bye-laws spell out the conditions and processes in which a member may lose his/her membership. These are the main conditions:

  1. When a member chooses to transfer his/her membership to another church.

  2. When a member does not affirm his/her membership when required to do so (e.g. does not participate nor respond to membership update exercise) 

  3. When a member does not subscribe to the BCC Articles of Faith and Practices. 

  4. When a Full Member fails to attend the AGM(or attend by proxy) for 3 consecutive years without any apology/reason for his/her absence.

  5. Any cause deemed sufficient for termination of membership by the Elders’ Board in accordance with scriptural principles.

When a membership is suspended, the Associate/Full Member will be notified based on his/her last known contact information provided to BCC. If there is no request and justification to restore the membership status within 3 months, his/her membership may be suspended. After 2 years of suspension, his/her membership may be terminated, i.e., he/she will be welcomed as a worshipper with no formal relationship or association with BCC.


Q6. Where can I find the BCC Constitution and Bye-laws?

Only Associate and Full Members may have access to the Constitution and Bye-laws. A hard copy is available in the church office for reading.


Do email us at if you have any queries.

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