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Christian Education Programs

F.E.E.D is a unique 4-step Christian education program

here at Bartley aimed to help members grow and mature in their faith. 


Courses are designed in progressive stages, starting with 

 establishing a firm foundation to growing as disciples,

equipping for service and finally to leading and mentoring of other disciples.


(F.E.E.D  Series 100)

Establishing each person with a firm foundation for growth, and assimilating new Christians and members into God's family.


(F.E.E.D Series 200)

Building depth and maturity in believers through the study and application of the Bible, layered with basic Christian doctrines and theology


(F.E.E.D Series 300)

Equipping disciples to be of service to the Body of Christ and ministering to the wider communities


(F.E.E.D Series 400)

Training and inspiring mature stewards to lead, mentor and disciple others with the aim of passing it on from generations to generations


CLASSES: Organized into 4 progressive categories, FEED Series 100 (Formation), Series 200/300 (Education), Series 400 (Equipping) and Series 500 (Discipleship), FEED classes are structured in a way where church members can progressively grow.


Christian Booklet

Christian Education Programs


F.E.E.D is a unique 4-step Christian Education Program here at Bartley aimed to help members grow and mature in their faith

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Follow me and be my disciple

Matthew 9:9

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