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Bartley Christian Church Children Ministry - Kingdom Jewels

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Twinklin' Yellow
Twinklin' Yellow
Bubblin' Red
Bubblin' Red
Growin' Green
Bubblin' Red, Growin' Green
Growin' Green, P1 and P2
Growin' Green, P1 and P2
P3 and P4
P3 and P4
P5 and P6
P5 and P6
2022 Pre-Teen Camp
2023 Church Camp
2023 Church Camp
2023 Church Camp
2023 Church Camp
2023 Church Camp
2023 Church Camp
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Every Sunday

1045am - 1230pm

Level 2


To have every child worshipping Jesus as a whole person in a safe community


A skilled trusted community to teach, to care, to reach different children from different backgrounds and abilities to worship Jesus in spirit and truth together.​


Believing Prayers​

     by modelling prayers from His Word​

Accountable and mentoring Relationships​

     by forming groups across generations​

Reaching Out to the Neighbours and Nations​

     by equipping to care for each other and serve the broken​

Teaching the Whole Word for the whole person​

      by teaching the whole Word and growing in emotional wellness​

Loving Families​

       by supporting parents and loving children​

Exercising Stewardship​

       by understanding our strengths to serve in the Body​

Yielding to the Spirit​

        by authentic sharing of faith journeys​

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Kingdom Jewels Children's Ministry

Ministry Head

Leong-Woo Nan Siew

Jane Lim

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