English congregation

Bartley English congregation seeks to develop each member from childhood to senior, a strong foundation in God’s Word through intentional discipleship, walking with Jesus and willing to deny ourselves and carrying our cross daily with the joy of the Lord. Each individual and family is closely bonded in missional cells supporting and building each other up through fellowship, encouragement and prayer.


As a God-loved missional community, we live our lives daily as testimonies of God’s love, grace and mercy to our families, neighbours and colleagues/classmates. By bearing the fruit of the Holy Spirit, we bless those whom God has placed in our proximity to draw others to know, love and serve Jesus as our Savior, Master and Lord.

English Services

At Main Auditorium, Level 3

First Service at 8.30am

Second Service at 11.00am

kingdom JewelS

(for ages 1 to 12 year old)

At Level 2, 10.45am