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Bartley Christian Church started in 1962 with a group of 25 school boys who heard the gospel from missionaries and became believers in Jesus Christ.  Since then it has grown and today, we are a multi-congregational church with over 30 missionaries sent to various parts of the world.

Each Sunday, we have an English worship service, a Mandarin worship service, a Filipino worship service, a Korean worship service, a Nepali worship service, an Indian Telugu worship service and an Indonesian fellowship.  We also have cell groups to cater for all ages, a youth ministry (Frontline Youth) and a children ministry (Kingdom Jewels).

We worship in a 1,120 seater auditorium which is located next to an SMRT Circle Line train station called "Bartley MRT Station", just take exit B and you will be right at our doorstep.


We look forward to seeing you with us.  Do browse through our website and if you have any questions do drop us a note.

Warmest regards,

Alvin Tan
Senior Pastor (Alvin Tan)

Our Missions & Core values

Our Purpose

A God-loved missional community that...

worships passionately,
evangelises faithfully,
disciples intentionally,
and serves selflessly,

sent out to reach the world for Christ.

Our Core Values

Believing Prayer
Accountable Relationships
Reaching Out to the Nations
Teaching the Word
Loving Families
Exercising Stewardship
Yielding to the Spirit

Statement of Faith





our Affiliates

Our Affiliates

Bartley community care services


Bartley Community Care Services (BCCS) was first established in 2000 by Bartley Christian Church, registered under the name Wei-Ni Community Services Association with the primary aim of helping the needy residents living in the Bartley Road vicinity.  This service was later extended to include residents in the larger Serangoon area.  It became known by its present name, Bartley Community Care Services in 2010. BCCS’ family-based services and programs are founded on the belief that with appropriate help, many children in the low income group caught in the vicious cycle of poverty will have a chance to break out of it to reach their potential.

St Luke's hospital


As a community hospital, St. Luke's Hospital provides

  • Quality and appropriate care for patients requiring longer inpatient stay but not requiring the high technology intervention of acute hospitals like Alexandra Hospital, Singapore General Hospital or National University Hospital.

  • A range of services to facilitate the patient's transition from acute hospital to community based services or home or final institution.

  • Necessary rehabilitation, medical and nursing care to help patients regain optimal independent living.



BFOC comprises four churches: Bartley Christian Church, RiverLife ChurchBrighton Community Church and Kingdom Community Church. Each church is independent and self-governing, coming together like an extended family.

We are more than an affiliation because of our shared history and heritage. It is ‘Bartley’ family of churches because Bartley Christian Church was the genesis of these churches. Bartley Christian Church planted RiverLife Church. Brighton Community Church came out from Bartley, whilst Kingdom Community Church originated from RiverLife Church.

We are an extended family of churches espousing the authentic, relational qualities of a Christ-centered, loving family. We seek to grow deeper and stronger as BFOC leaders intentionally build familial relationships with one another. We draw strength from each other in this extended family. We cover each other with prayers. We can seek the experience, counsel, and help of each other, and we can enjoy the voluntary sharing of resources.

Through BFOC, we demonstrate to church members and our next generation the way to lovingly walk together beyond our respective congregations in Bartley Christian Church, RiverLife Church, Brighton Community Church and Kingdom Community Church.

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Worship Centre
4 How Sun Drive,
Singapore 538526


Operations Centre
8 New Industrial Road #05-01, LHK3 Building, Singapore 536200

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