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Carpark Regulations

  • All cars enter Open Car Park through Bartley gate.

  • Open Carpark Gate B will be opened 10.15 - 10.45am for 1st service drivers to exit through Ramakrishna compound. The Gate will re-open from 12 noon onwards for 2nd service drivers.  

  • Ramakrishna gate will be permanently closed .

Drivers, please note:

  1. Always put up a car label with your name and mobile number if you are double parking. Remove your car immediately after service. 

  2. Park at the open car park if you are here for 1st service, and at the basement car park if you are here for 2nd service. 

  3. Remove your car by 2pm if you are parking at Ramakrishna open car park.

  4. Never park along How Sun Drive or Ramakrishna members' car park.

  5. Carpark Lot Nos. 1 to 12 are RESERVED for Chinese Service drivers on all Sundays mornings till 1PM

  6. Register your vehicle number with us at Reception, Level 1 or email: (complete with your name and contact number) if you haven't.

We appreciate your kind attention to these reminders. Your cooperation is greatly appreciated. 

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