Are you having challenges in life that caused you to feel anxious, distress or frustrated? You don’t have to suffer alone and in silence. Our team of lay counsellors are trained to help you through our counselling services.


Issues we see include: Stress, Anxiety, Interpersonal relationships, Parenting issues, Emotional distress, Grief/Bereavement, Workplace problems, Anger management, Low self-esteem

Counselling FAQs

5. What days do you see cases and where is it held?

Counselling session are held in Bartley Christian Church from Monday-Saturday. We will try our best to match your day/time availability to our lay counsellors’ availability.

Note: Due to COVID-19, our lay counsellor may meet you online through ZOOM, whatsapp, skype or other telecommuting means if face-to-face session is deemed unsuitable.

6. Can I change my day & time after I have fix my appointment?

As our lay counsellors are volunteers who are only available on specific days & time, we strongly encourage you to keep to your day and time for appointments. Otherwise, we may not be able to assign you another counsellor that fits your schedule.

3. Are there cases that you do not see?

Some counselling requests are best managed by medical and counselling professionals. Hence, we regret that we are unable to accept request for the following issues:
Clinical Depression
Abuse & Violence
Substance Abuse
Complex Trauma (including childhood trauma) & PTSD
Personality Disorder Psychosis & Psychotic Disorders (Including, Delusional, Hallucinations, Schizophrenia and Dissociative Identity Disorder) If you are facing any of the above, please immediately seek help from the list of helplines and resources listed here.

7. What can I expect in our 1st appointment?

Your counsellor will guide you through the Intake Form where you will be asked some questions that will aid your counsellor to be more effective in helping you. You will also be guided through the Informed Consent Form which explains items such as confidentiality. Besides the forms, your counsellor will seek to understand what you are facing and set the counselling goal/s together with you. Typically, a counselling session will take about an hour.

8. Will 1 or 2 counselling sessions be enough to resolve my issue?

In most cases, it will not as counselling is not an instant quick fix. It takes time for you to process what you are going through and to get better. In general, it takes at least 4-6 counselling sessions hence it is important for you to commit yourself to 4-6 times of counselling.

1. How much is your fee?

There is no fee. Our lay counsellors volunteer their time to offer counselling to the community.

2. Can I see a lay counsellor if I am not a Christian / not a member of Bartley?

Yes, we avail our services to all peoples; regardless of their faith, ethnicity or status.

4. Are your lay counsellors trained?

Yes, all our lay counsellors have attended at least 30 hours of counselling training and they attend regular group supervisions by professional counsellors.

Helplines & Resources

Note: For psychiatric emergencies (e.g., imminent harm to self or others, extremely agitated), besides bringing the person to the Institute of Mental Health (IMH) emergency, you can also bring the person to the nearest general hospital A&E.

To access psychiatric services within public hospital/institutions at subsidised payment class, please seek a referral from a polyclinic.

The following is a list of family services and counselling resources for your reference. They provide subsidies through means-testing. You may seek help from them by contacting them directly.

Jason Lee