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Important Notice

To all who are coming to the Church

Measures for Containment of 2019 Novel Coronavirus


21 February 2020

The church leaders have put in place additional measures against COVID-19 as we continue with church service on Sunday:

(1)    Record the names and contact numbers of everyone (including visitors) who attends service on Sunday for the purpose of contact tracing should the need arise

(2)    Increase cleaning efforts in the church by disinfecting common touchpoints (lift buttons, railings, table-tops and pews) and ventilating all the rooms/worship halls 

(3)    Offering bags will not be passed around during the service. Instead, worshippers are encouraged to give digitally using PayNow (UEN: 197801655D) or interbank transfer - refer to bulletin/website for more details ( Tithes and offering can also be dropped into the offering boxes provided.

(4)    Continue with live streaming of the 1st service

We will continue with the following practices to aid in the containment of COVID-19:

(1)    Take temperature of everyone coming to church  
(2)    Advise Individuals who are unwell, on Stay Home Notice (SHN) or have recent travel history to mainland China to NOT attend service. 
(3)    Advise Cell Leaders to meet at the group's discretion and maintain proper hygiene when meeting

Meanwhile, we covet your prayers to keep our homes, our community (BCC), Singapore and the world safe from the ravages of this deadly disease.

In His Love
Elders, Pastors and Staff
Bartley Christian Church

Update on the virus situation:

This week @ Bartley
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Services at 8.30am & 11.00am

@ Main Auditorium, Level 3

Kingdom Jewels at 10.45am

(Children's Ministry)  @ Level 2



主曰崇拜,10:45am ,魏约翰礼堂 (二楼)

Service at 10.45am

@ John Willis Hall, Level 2


Worship Service at 1.30pm

@ John Willis Hall, Level 2


Services at 11.00am & 8.00pm

@ Hudson Taylor Hall, Level 2


Service at 8.00pm on Saturday

@ Hudson Taylor Hall, Level 2



Service at 1.00pm

@ Hudson Taylor Hall, Level 2



Fellowship at 11.00am

@ Room 3.2, Level 3

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The Meeting Point@BCC

The Meeting Point@Bartley Christian Church was hence set up in September 2013 to serve as an outreach arm, offering Christian hospitality to guests and visitors. It also serves as a venue where people can meet and fellowship.

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