Kingdom Jewels

Kingdom Jewels seeks to provide a safe, secure, fun and loving place for every child.

We provide ample opportunities for all children:

  • To know God and experience His love for them

  • To trust Christ as their personal Lord and Saviour

  • To grow in faith and obedience to God

  • To establish godly values and habits in their lives

  • To have a heart for missions and evangelism

  • To develop their God-given skills for ministry

Every Sunday

KJ classes are available from 10.45am to 12.45pm,

during the second English Service.

Note: Children from Bubblin' Red to Cool Blue

Every 1st Sunday (Holy Communion Sunday)

11.00am ~ 11.40am - Children worship with parents @ Main Auditorium, Level 3 
11.45am ~ 12.45pm - KJ Program @ Level 2 

Every 2nd - 5th Sunday 
10.45am ~ 12.45pm - KJ Program @ Level 2

KJ on Missions

Every year, the P6s go on a missions trip to places such as *Baray, Cambodia. This is an effort to support the work of missionaries and to minister to the people in their missions field. In return, our children are blessed much more as God opens their eyes, hearts and hands for the work He is doing.


The children have many opportunities to serve, to learn and to grow through this missions exposure.





Birth to 2.5 years old (Infants, toddlers & Pre-Nursery)




2.5 to 4 years old

(N1 & N2)




5  &  6 years old

(K1 & K2)



7 to 12 years old

(Primary 1 to 6)

Contact Us

Worship Centre
4 How Sun Drive,
Singapore 538526


Operations Centre
8 New Industrial Road #05-01, LHK3 Building, Singapore 536200

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