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Bartley Christian Church Children Ministry - Kingdom Jewels

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Good Friday Children's Programme
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Every Sunday

1045am - 1230pm

Level 2


To have every child worshipping Jesus as a whole person in a safe community


A skilled trusted community to teach, to care, to reach different children from different backgrounds and abilities to worship Jesus in spirit and truth together.​


Believing Prayers​

     by modelling prayers from His Word​

Accountable and mentoring Relationships​

     by forming groups across generations​

Reaching Out to the Neighbours and Nations​

     by equipping to care for each other and serve the broken​

Teaching the Whole Word for the whole person​

      by teaching the whole Word and growing in emotional wellness​

Loving Families​

       by supporting parents and loving children​

Exercising Stewardship​

       by understanding our strengths to serve in the Body​

Yielding to the Spirit​

        by authentic sharing of faith journeys​

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Kingdom Jewels Children's Ministry

Ministry Head

Leong-Woo Nan Siew

Jane Lim

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