Young Fathers Ministry

Happening every 3rd Saturday of the month, the band of Fathers unites to pray, learn and support one another.

Discussion Topics

18 Sep: Time Out Family

16 Oct: Fathering Differences

20 Nov: Spiritual Leadership @ Home

18 Dec: Outing!

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Holy Bible

Christian Education Programs (F.E.E.D)

F.E.E.D is a unique 4-step Christian education program here at Bartley to help members grow and mature in their faith.

F - Foundation

E - Education

E - Equipping

D - Discipling

Assortment of classes available to suit Christians at different level

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Missional Cells

A Missional Church sees itself as a community sent to represent God’s reign by its being, doing and speaking. The small group ministry of the church  must be missional in mindset and motivation.

Missional cells are small groups of disciples of Christ who gather regularly to spur one another to love God, love others and fulfil His Great Commission in making disciples. Join a cell today!

Religious Statue


Mentoring thru' Knowing Jesus Christ

(FEED 202)

Know Christ's identity, life,

ministry, teachings, mission,

and His future return


10, 31 July, 14, 28 Aug,

11 Sep 2021

9am - 12pm

@Bartley Christian Church

Conducted on Zoom

Course fees waived!


Mentoring thru' Eschatology

(FEED 215)

Importance of Eschatology: 

Christian hope &

secular hope 

Future of the person,

resurrection & judgement 

9, 16, 23. 30 Oct 2021

9am - 1pm

Christian Booklet

Formation for Foundation

(FEED 101B)

Helps new believers to establish foundational truths in Christian faith. Suitable also for pre-believers


15, 22, 29 Aug 2021

1245pm - 345pm

@Bartley Christian Church

Lunch is provided


Christian Education

in Knowing Bartley

(FEED 201B)

Prepares candidates for baptism or membership reception into Bartley. Course is also open to newcomers who wish to know more about the church

Prerequisite: Completion of

FEED 101 course


5, 12, 19, 24 Sep 2021

1245pm - 345pm

@Bartley Christian Church

Lunch is provided