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Last Updated: 3 May 2020

The COVID-19 situation has affected many, in particular those from low-income families or whose livelihoods have been affected. To aid those who may need assistance, various resources that were made known to the church are collated here to help affected individuals or families during these difficult times. You may also refer the resources here to help those whom you know are in need of assistance.

*Disclaimer: The consolidated resources are valid as of last updated date.*


Solidarity Relief Fund (SRF)

The SRF is a supplementary support and blessing to those in Bartley who have suffered loss or reduced income due to the COVID-19 situation. For example: loss of a job, on involuntary no-pay leave, reduced monthly salary etc.

To Apply: Please fill in the form HERE


Bartley Community Care Service (BCCS)

Providing relief in the form of grocery package, NTUC vouchers or cash assistance (subject to assessment). For low-income families (not more than $600 per capita income). Applicant must be a Singapore Citizen or Permanent Resident.

To Apply: Please contact Ms Chew Chee Kuan @ 83760394

Daughters of Tomorrow

Providing relief in the form of grocery vouchers, donated laptops, befriending, mobile phone top-ups etc. For mom/ wife/ woman of low-income families. Preferably registered with a SSO (Social Service Office) or FSC (Family Service Centre).

To Apply: Please fill in the form HERE

IMDA NEU PC Plus Programme

For low-income families that lack digital devices like laptops and computers for Home-Based Learning. Applicant must be a Singapore Citizen or Permanent Resident and has a permanent disability or is a full-time student (aged 25 and below).

The gross monthly household income must not exceed $3,400 or per capita income not exceeding $900 ($1,125 if there is a permanently disabled household member)

To Apply: Please download the form at IMDA’s website and send it to IMDA:



HealthServe has put together a one-stop portal on COVID-19 information and support for migrant workers. If you have migrant worker friends who need help with their health, mental well-being and employment issues,


please click on this link:

The website is available in 4 languages – English, Mandarin, Bengali and Tamil.

COVID Migrant Support Coalition (CMSC)

CMSC consists of 4 NGOS - Geylang Adventures, ItsRainingRaincoats, Singapore Migrant Friends and Migrant X Me. You can send various resources to migrant workers that CMSC have come up with here at: (Down at the moment)


If they need to talk to someone, they can also contact CMSC at:

96446316 (call or whatsapp) or via this form:


Homeless Hearts of Singapore

Homeless Hearts of Singapore reaches out to the homeless in Singapore and help them re-integrate into the community via community-building, temporary aid, advocacy, and local partnerships. If you know of or have seen someone who is homeless, you can drop homeless hearts a message at:

Tips on how you can help the homeless:


Social Service Offices (SSOs)

SSOs bring services such as ComCare assistance and other forms of assistance such as job matching and family services closer to those who need it. If you know of anyone who is in need of such assistance, you can refer them to their nearest SSO at:


Family Service Centres (FSCs)

FSCs are based in the community to provide help and support to individuals and families in need. They are staffed by social service professionals who are trained to provide personal, social, emotional and financial assistance to families in every life stage.

If you know of anyone who is in need of such assistance, you can refer them to their nearest FSC at::


To find out more about all available grants and relief funds for individuals during COVID-19, go to:


If you know of anyone who is feeling weighed down by the COVID-19 situation and need to speak to someone, pleases ask them to call the National CARE Hotline at: 1800-202-6868

For a list of other helplines on mental well-being, marital & parenting issues, and domestic violence/abuse, go to:

If you are an employer and need help in supporting mental well-being of your workers under COVID-19 work arrangements, go to:



The SGUnited Jobs Initiative was launched to create about 10,000 jobs over the next one year. It is created to help individuals who have been affected by COVID-19 to find employment quickly. Start your search at:


NTUC Job Security Council (JSC)

JSC provide transition support to at-risk or displaced workers with career coaching, skills evaluation, access to training, job-search assistance and job-matching services to improve their employment prospects and match them into new job. More at:

JSC has two Telegram channels to alert job seekers on the latest job vacancies. See link below to subscribe to the alerts.

Jobs Alert for non-PMET (e.g. Temp jobs, operators, packers, etc):

Jobs Alert for PMET (e.g. Engineers, Managers, Executives, Technician):

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