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Journeying together with you

We offer a compassionate, listening ear and a safe space for you

to find support and healing.


Whether you're dealing with stress, anxiety, grief, or other challenges,

our Christian counselling ministry is here to listen, pray, and walk with you

on your journey to emotional well-being.



Empowered individuals,

loving families and a caring community

that exemplify God’s purpose.


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To minister to the needs of the

community through counselling services

based on biblical principles.

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If you’re experiencing stress, anxiety, grief, or any other challenges, don’t hesitate to reach out to our counselling ministry.

Request counselling or drop us an enquiry to connect with someone who can help.


Our team is here to support you on your journey to emotional well-being.

Download Resource Guide for:

 Caregiving, Mental Health, Counselling

and Special Needs

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help from family violence

National anti-violence helpline (navH)

24-hour helpline to report family violence, as well as other cases of abuse and neglect.

1800 777 0000

(24 hrs)

Note: For psychiatric emergencies (e.g., imminent harm to self or others, extremely agitated), besides bringing the person to the Institute of Mental Health (IMH) emergency, you can also bring the person to the nearest general hospital A&E.

To access psychiatric services within public hospital/institutions at subsidised payment class, please seek a referral from a polyclinic.

The following is a list of family services

and counselling resources for your reference.

They provide subsidies through means-testing.

You may seek help from them by contacting them directly.

Family service centre (FSC)

FSCs are based in the community to provide help and support for individuals and families in need.

ComCare Hotline: 1800 2220000

the haven

Counselling centre in Singapore Bible College. Provides counselling for individuals, couples and families seeking help to address relational, emotional, and psychological issues.

6559 1528

touch community services

Provides assessment and counselling for cyber wellness issues for youths and their families.

1800 3772252

care corner counselling centre

Provides subsidised counselling services and group work to those affected by intra and interpersonal challenges.

6353 1180


Offers counselling for individuals and families, support groups and assistance in gambling or debt-related problems. Free of charge.

6547 1011

WE CARE community services

Provides counselling, drop-in centre and recovery support group for individuals and families who need help with various addictions.

6547 5459

counselling and care centre

For those who are facing emotional, psychological, relationship, and marital problems.

6536 6366


Provides individual and group counselling for widows in their bereavement and adapting to their new life.

9616 5091


National toll-free helpline and chatline for all primary-school-aged children. Provides support, advice, and information to lonely and distressed children, especially in situations when their parents or main caregivers are unavailable.

1800 2744 788


A one-stop service for youth cyber wellness issues (e.g., cyber bullying, online addiction). Speak with an online counsellor or call the hotline for a chat.

1800 6123 123

Help for
Support for
mental health & well-being

HELPLINES & resources

Samaritans of Singapore (SOS)

Provides emotional support to those in crisis, thinking about suicide or affected by suicide.

1800 221 4444

(24 hrs)

care corner mandarin hotline

Provides support for Mandarin-speaking individuals who struggle with mental health problems or distressing family situations.

1800-353 5800

IMH Mental Health Helpline

If you are facing a mental health crisis, please call the helpline or seek medical help at IMH's 24-Hour Emergency Services located in the hospital.

6389 2222

(24 hrs)

Ark allied health and counselling serv

Provides quality and affordable Allied Health Services for people of all ages​.

9010 7329

mental connect

A one-stop resource for all kinds of mental health categories & help, including Christian-based ones


NAMS (National Addictions management service)

For individuals with various addictions, including substance behavioural addictions.

1800 6668 668 (Gambling)

6732 6837 (all addictions)

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Senior Ministry Head
May Kwan

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