Kingdom Jewels

Kingdom Jewels seeks to provide a safe, secure, fun and loving place for every child.

We provide ample opportunities for all children:

- to know God and experience His love for them

- to trust Christ as personal Lord and Saviour

- to grow in faith and obedience to God

- to establish godly values and habits in their lives

- to have a heart for missions and evangelism

- to develop their God-given skills for ministry


Age Group

Twinklin’ Yellow

Birth to 2.5 years old (Infants, toddlers & Pre-Nursery) 

Bubblin’ Red

2.5 to 4 years  old (N1 & N2)

Growin’ Green

5  &  6 years old (K1 & K2)

Cool Blue

7 to 12 years old (Primary 1 to 6)

Time: KJ classes are only available from 10.45am to 12.45pm.

Children from Bubblin' Red to Cool Blue

Every 1st Sunday (Holy Communion Sunday)
11.00am ~ 11.40am - Children worship with parents @ Main Auditorium, Level 3
11.45am ~ 12.45pm - KJ Program @ Level 2

Every 2nd - 5th Sunday
10.45am ~ 12.45pm - KJ Program @ Level 2

Pastor Iris Lee Tel: 6885 0438 (O) Email:
Jane Lim Tel: 6885 0431 (O) Email: