KJ Children's Ministry: Closed for June Holidays

Hi Parents 

For the month of June there is no Kingdom Jewels Children Ministry and we want to especially welcome all kids to join us throughout the service. If you have small kids with you, do take this as an opportunity to worship together as a family. If you are used to worshipping without kids, do bear with us for the occasional noises by kids in our midst for these few weeks in June. Parents, if your kids are distracting others in the service, kindly help by settling them as quickly as possible. You are welcome to use Room 3.3 (outside the Main Auditorium) as a Cry Room for children during this period. However, please ensure that no kids are left in the room without adult supervision.

Attached is an excellent article from Noel Piper (John Piper's wife), The Family - Together in God's Presence. You can find great insights and ideas on how to enjoy worship service as a family. 

Our Kingdom Jewels Children Ministry will reopen on 2 July 2015

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