How to Download Sermons from Website

How to Download Sermons from Website

a) Go Bartley's home page -> Media & Resources -> English Sermons
b) Go to the left navigation bar. Click on English Sermons to expand the list.

c) Place the mouse cursor over the sermon, right-click and select Save Target As (PC) or Download Linked File As (MAC).

d) From here, just save the mp3 file into the folder of your choice.
*Steps are same with Archives. Click on Audio Gallery to expand the list and repeat steps c). 

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Bartley Church Members Update

Church Administration and Housekeeping

We would like to kindly request that Bartley members and worshippers assist us by
updating these following particulars:

- Change of Address
- Email
- Contact Number or
- Vehicle Number

Please email to

For church members with new vehicles, please kindly request for a Bartley car decal from the Reception @ Level 1 for identification.

SMS Notificiation
If you like to be informed of church events via SMS, please follow these instructions:

- Create an SMS text message.
- Enter "EC, surname, name, email (optional)"
to "9161 6385"


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KJ Children's Ministry: Closed for June Holidays

Hi Parents 

For the month of June there is no Kingdom Jewels Children Ministry and we want to especially welcome all kids to join us throughout the service. If you have small kids with you, do take this as an opportunity to worship together as a family. If you are used to worshipping without kids, do bear with us for the occasional noises by kids in our midst for these few weeks in June. Parents, if your kids are distracting others in the service, kindly help by settling them as quickly as possible. You are welcome to use Room 3.3 (outside the Main Auditorium) as a Cry Room for children during this period. However, please ensure that no kids are left in the room without adult supervision.

Attached is an excellent article from Noel Piper (John Piper's wife), The Family - Together in God's Presence. You can find great insights and ideas on how to enjoy worship service as a family. 

Our Kingdom Jewels Children Ministry will reopen on 2 July 2015

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蒙福团契 劲歌金曲 共享清粥

BLESSED FELLOWSHIP 蒙福团契  劲歌金曲  共享清粥


Contact person: Ps Lim Beng Hee (Tel: 68850436)


·      透过老歌、信息和爱宴(潮洲粥)一起共度蒙福时光。

"A time for oldies. A time for teochew porridge."

The aim of this gathering is to befriend pre-believers through reminiscing oldies, a simple message and the porridge feast。Do seize this bridging opportunity with your friends and relatives. Every 1st Saturday, 11am at Hudson Taylor Hall, Level 2.

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Carparking Announcements

A gentle reminder if you're driving to church.

All cars enter Open Car Park through Bartley gate.

Open Carpark Gate B will be opened 10.15 - 10.45am for 1st service drivers to exit through Ramakrishna compound. The Gate will re-open from 12 noon onwards for 2nd service drivers. 

Ramakrishna gate will be permanently closed .

Reminders to drivers again

1. Always put up a car label with your name and mobile number if you are double parking. Remove your car immediately after service.
2. Park at the open car park if you are here for 1st service, and at the basement car park if you are here for 2nd service.

3. Remove your car by 2pm if you are parking at Ramakrishna open car park.

4. Never park along How Sun Drive or Ramakrishna members' car park.

5. Carpark Lot Nos. 1 to 12 are RESERVED for Chinese Service drivers on all Sundays mornings till 1PM

6. Register your vehicle number with us at Reception, Level 1 or email: (complete with your name and contact number) if you haven't.

We appreciate your kind attention to these reminders. As always, we like you to follow the instructions of our car park marshals. Your cooperation greatly appreciated. We're glad to serve you and the Lord in this way.   

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