1. Riverlife Church

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The history of RiverLife Church can be traced back to Bartley Christian Church. In the late eighties, the leadership of Bartley Christian Church made an initial decision to rebuild its sanctuary to accommodate growth. It was probably a cheaper and easier option. However, God had something else in mind.

In 1981, Dr Keith Hinton – a former missionary with Overseas Missionary Fellowship (OMF) and a lecturer with Singapore Bible College – conducted a church growth research on Bartley Christian Church. He was later invited to comment on the church development plans in 1988. Dr Hinton said: “I felt God prompting me to challenge them [the leadership of Bartley Christian Church] to steward their resources for forwarding the work of God – by planting a daughter church in an unchurched part of Singapore.”

After prayerful consideration, the leadership of Bartley Christian Church made a radical change to their development plans and took up Dr Hinton’s challenge to plant a new church.

2. St. Luke's Hospital 
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As a community hospital, St. Luke's Hospital provides
Quality and appropriate care for patients requiring longer inpatient stay but not requiring the high technology intervention of acute hospitals like Alexandra Hospital, Singapore General Hospital or National University Hospital.
A range of services to facilitate the patient's transition from acute hospital to community based services or home or final institution.
Necessary rehabilitation, medical and nursing care to help patients regain optimal independent living.